Friday, January 9, 2009

My UPOU classmate Sheila, posted an animoto video on our class' multiply site. I was very much intrigued by the said post. I liked how the video was presented and edited! Of course this roused the video freak in me (something that was kept at the depths of my subconscious for a while now).

I tried using the site and I was just amazed. Animoto is astig indeed. It has the capacity to produce clear videos and all you have to do is provide the images. I have exploited the site, really.

We are assigned to produce a podcast for a group assignment. At first, I was already content - like, pwede na - on just submitting a plain, dull audio podcast. The animoto experience changed that. I have not slept much for 2 days - these are my off-from-work days so this is a BIG thing for me! Nevertheless, I am just having fun exploring and I am pretty proud of my work so far. :)

I have a very limiting video editor though, I am using videopad from NCH Software, it is free! It cannot perform a lot of tasks that can be done by, say, Adobe. (Oh yes, you can "Duh" me!) I enjoy that it does not require much memory space. I also use Windows Media Maker for effects not available in videopad-like image panning, zooming, etc. In fact, videopad is really a no-frills video editor, it would just allow you to insert 3 (I think) transition effects and I do not even think the effects you can add on the clips/images are relevant. I hope they could add video overlays at least.

I remember some of Adobe Premiere's effects, there are so much to choose from! When I first used it, it took me 3 days to make a 3-minute music video. I was exploring the effects and I was using a Pentium laptop then. I am not be familiar with Adobe Premiere's upgraded versions, it has been a few years since I interacted with it.

Sleeplessness is catching up on me. Must sleep now.

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