Thursday, January 22, 2009

Defend the Office of the Student regent! Vote YES to CRSRS!

We are called to participate in the upcoming referendum for the approval of the procedures and qualifications for the selection of our voice in the UP Board of Regents (BOR)- the Student Regent. In an attempt to undermine our democratic right to have a representative to the highest policy making body in our school, the UP Charter (RA 9500) requires a vote of 50%+1 of the UP students to recognize the student appointed SR through a referendum. This would take place on January 26-31, 2009. It is of urgency that we vote YES.

Some are calling for NO because they argue that the Codified Rules for the Selection of Student Regents (CRSRS), is flawed. But we should think of the consequences of voting NO or NOT voting at all. There are a lot of issues involving the SR selection - issues that has been answered and reconciled through the General Assembly of Student Councils (GASC). There are also a lot of opposing positions regarding this referendum. But I take the position of former UP Student Regent and USC Manila Chairperson Terry Ridon:

"In the main, it can be foreseen that the provision shall seriously threaten the functions and mandate of the Office of the Student Regent during the entire course of the referendum, as no [new] Student Regent shall be selected for as long as no system-wide approval of the referendum is in place. This predicament opens the door for Malacanang and UP Administration intervention in the appointment of the next Student Regent while a referendum is not in place."

Let us first secure the Office of the Student Regent and deal with our different views regarding the process through a consensus. It is imperative that we vote YES and defend the legacy of our fellow Iskolars ng Bayan who established the OSR. This is a time to unite.

Let us vote YES to our voice in the BOR!
Let us defend the history of the Office of the Student Regent!
Vote YES to CRSRS!

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