Monday, March 16, 2009


You chose your life. Who is there
to blame? Is it necessary?
Questions, questions
Always in the crossroads
Peace in acquiesce
Acquiesce in peace

She was not the cynic then
Ideas are fresh, she has answers
She thinks, she decides, she acts
That was then, this is now
Peace in acquiesce
Acquiesce in peace

She left her life, her love
Heart is found in the hearts
of the masses, one with them
She trekked the highlands, the Thoughts
She lived her life in acquiesce
In peace, she was, indeed.

Peace in acquiesce
With her life now in the confines
Of the technological cage of nonsense
of misery and angst and ignorance
Peace eluded the air she breathes
Ah, yes, acquiesce is naught.

In limbo, she stays
Aspiring the consumerist bourgeois life
she disremembered
she now thrives and tries and cries
to leave the pain and gnawing silence
and discern acquiesce and peace.

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