Friday, March 13, 2009

A Faux Pas that led me to "analyze" my Social Networking Life

I forgot that my blog entries posted on Blogger automatically posts here (on Multiply). Since November (when the second sem started), I regarded my Multiply page as one of our subject's platforms, I did not even bother updating the site about my personal brouhaha - save for the photos that are just so easy to upload here, so what the heck.

I've had this website sometime ago, when one of my long lost friends invited me to join. And she was literally an out-of-coverage-area-friend. I eagerly used this account to share pictures, messages and what-have-yous with her. Later on, when she went into her seasonal hibernation, I discovered friends and other interesting webpages/groups that I decided to visit/update the site more often.

I remember this was before my son's 2nd birthday, which was waaay before I joined FB - I was late to join the FB bandwagon. If I was a facebooker then, I might have convinced her to open an account there, instead of me opening an account in Multiply...Now, I use FB for email, IM, photo-sharing, video-sharing aside from the superpokin' stuff (and other applications that just eats up my time without even trying! Nope, I still don't join the Mafia Wars). Anyway, my point is, I've really not been paying attention to my Multiply site. I was surprised to see my past 2 Blogger entries forwarded here. I am now thinking of discontinuing this cross-posting feature. That is, if I remember how I enjoined them in the first place.

This linkage among and between social networking sites are actually useful albeit confusing. I have recently opened a Plurk account (I am starting to sound like an Internet junkie now). Plurk is a micro-blogging site. My plurk is also interfused with my FB account: my Plurks are forwarded as status messages. (I don't have twitter (yet) but I guess, for those who have Twitter, Twit(t)s are somewhat the equivalent of Plurks.) I recently enrolled my Plurk to - I can now send Plurks using my mobile. I know this social networking site-mobile phone connectivity is not new. However, you must understand, my mobile phone does not even have a camera - now a common feature of the mobile phone. I just bought my cellular phone from a buy one-take one offer from Talk 'n Text! So, the joy of being somewhat connected to the internet whilst using my erstwhile chaka phone is just happiness.

So enough with my babbling. Good night!

**I wrote this entry at my Multiply site.

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