Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 2009

A few days are left before the third month ends.

On a more personal, "chummy" thought, I have treasured March as my family's birthmonth: my Dad, Mom and siblings were born on the 1st two weeks of this month. Likewise, and more importantly, March is celebrated as the Women's month.

This year, March has been filled with significant agitating events.

Here's what made March 2009 different:

March 1 - My sister, Wena's birthday
March 4 - My Tita Luz's birthday
March 4 - Rebelyn Pitao left home for work and never returned
March 5 - My brother Ryan's birthday
March 5 - Rebelyn was found dead in an irrigation ditch
March 6 - Francis M passed away
March 7 - Eraserheads Reunion Concert (I really needed to include this)
March 8 - International Women's Day
March 11 - My mother's birthday
March 12- Nicole signed the controversial sworn statement
March 14 - My father's birthday
March 14 - Rebelyn's burial march
March 17- Nicole's statement was published by the PDI, along with her real name and picture
March 19 - Jalosjos, a convicted rapist sentenced to two life terms, was released from the Bilibid prison after serving only 13 years
March 24 - VJ Rubio, a former Philippine Collegian staff, was killed for reasons yet unknown

What an irony this has been: 3 major issues pertaining to violence against women are highlighted this month. And we have a woman president who tolerates and coddles the perpetrators.

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