Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pinoy Multiply

3.5 million (out of 12.5 million) Multiply subscribers are based in the Philippines. This was disclosed in an article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer today. Next to the United States, the Philippines is the "second largest market for Multiply".

Multiply is partnering with network giant ABS-CBN as they are setting up their Manila presence. A new feature, Multiply Mobile, is underway; this allows MMS posting to the subscriber's respective Multiply sites. This is in recognition (as shared by Multiply co-founder David Hersh) that Filipinos favor their mobile device to keep in touch. Another realization that mobile phones, indeed, is the most promising instrument to bring internet to the masses.

The article also mentions an upcoming version of the network: Multiply 4.0. I guess we need to brace ourselves for some changes, if not a complete metamorphosis. I personally hope and think not. Unlike FB which underwent several alterations (and counting), Multiply remained reliably unmodified for the past year (or so). About this new version, set to be released in two months, it would "highlight (Multiply's) focus on media". This is all the article disclosed; it could have a variety of meanings. However, it just affirms what Multiply is about.

Just what is Multiply about?

What Multiply aims for is for users/subscribers "to create a social networking environment that is more personal." Peter Pezaris, Multiply co-founder, asserts that the difference between Multiply and other social networking sites is that Multiply "allows personal sharing of digital media to people who matter" to its users. It is not about "making hundreds of online friends", explain Hersh. He adds, "'s utility more than entertainment".

Pezaris further shares that as they were thinking of a name for their service, "it was a toss-up between Multiply and Connect". What made them choose Multiply is the cost: they bought it for $10,000. Apparently, Connect was being sold for $2 million.

Multiply's focus to the Philippine market could mean better or worse for us users. Inevitably, advancements in technology are going to be felt in the next few months.

Ho, Abigail. "When Filipinos go forth and Multiply." Philippine Daily Inquirer Vol.24 No.109 (2009): B7.

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