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Biomodd is a project that fuses art, ecology and technology while encouraging innovative collaboration. Ultimately, it aims to come up with a local sculpture that involves an ecosystem of plants and a network of modified computers for gaming. The finished work will then be launched to the public through an art installation exhibit. Developed and first launched by Belgian artist Angelo Vermeulen in the USA, the idea is now being adapted and relaunched in the Philippines.

The first version, Biomodd [ATH1], was installed in 2007 and 2008 in the Aesthetic Technologies Lab in Athens, Ohio. It generated both large local and international interest, was front-page news on all local newspapers, and was extensively discussed on the internet. It also received a nomination for the Ars Electronica Hybrid Art Prix 2008 in Linz, Austria.


For the Philippine version, officially named Biomodd [LBA2], Vermeulen has partnered with the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) and plans to engage both the Los Baños and Manila community. The Philippine Biomodd is a growing team of students, artists, art supporters and scientists. The core group consists of Filipino artist and UPOU Faculty, Diego Maranan; project manager, Lai del Rosario; another UPOU faculty, Al-Francis Librero; UP student organization liaison, Nex Beñas; and art and cultural advocate, Carlos Celdran.

The final outcome of the Philippine Biomodd will rely entirely on the dialogue and creativity of the participants. Other members of the community will also be invited to contribute to the project. In fact, Vermeulen is thinking of inviting Paete carvers, well-known artists in the Los Baños area, to build the skeletal casing of the sculpture.

The exhibit is set to open in Los Baños in August and in September at the National Museum, Manila.


Although Biomodd [LBA2] has only kick started in February of this year, it has already been featured in 'The Game is Up! How to Save the World in 10 Days?', an arts festival happening in the Vooruit Arts Centre in Ghent, Belgium in March 2009. Filmmaker Waise Azimi is presenting a documentary on Biomodd through two simultaneous video projections, the first being an introduction to the Philippine version and the people involved, and the other, a live video stream of the project’s early stages of development.


Currently, the team is looking for anyone interested in ecology, art creation, computer modification, and documentation to join the production process in Los Baños, which runs from March until July 2009. Participants will be staying and working in a guest house provided by UPOU.

For more information on Biomodd, events, and how to join, please visit or email For project collaborations, you may call Lai del Rosario at (63)916-376-3835.

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