Saturday, May 2, 2009

Addendum to Perfectly Legal

I was once asked by a journalist if I do not regret what I did, that in spite of my sacrifice and the suffering of my family, nothing have changed in the structure of Philippine society. Those who steal and lie are still there while I remain in limbo and uncertain of my future.

I gave him an answer that went this way, “Yes, I agree that it is tragic that Arroyo remains in power along with the rest of her people. But I believe that the bigger tragedy right now is the more than eighty million Filipinos who acquiesce to be subjected to the indignity heaped upon them by a handful of people”.

- Rodolfo Lozada Jr.

Talk about ironies. I try my best to mellow down my sarcasm; yet, to mellow down my rage, I cannot.

A few days ago, Lozada was arrested. On my previous post, I enumerated instances that define legality in this country. And here I am, a few days later, reaffirming how ill-defined this word we call legal is.

Lozada mentioned that of all the cases thrown at him, he refuse to believe that he is being arrested for lying. Whilst what made him a household name in the first place is that people found it refreshing that someone in this insane, corrupt government finally told the truth.

I saw a status message in FB maligning Lozada's role in the NBN-ZTE deal: as someone who did not get his "fair share" on the NBN-ZTE deal. Maybe this person did not watch the Senate hearings. Or this person is just to fed up to even care about facts and data. Or maybe she is just too tired of the Arroyo administration's lewdness. Please, Lozada is not Chavit, not in the long run.

Lozada admitted that he is an unwilling Senate witness, he feared for his life. He was asked to leave the country when his name came up on the discussion of the anomalous NBN-ZTE deal. He was kidnapped (or "escorted" by people he doesn't know/he didn't hire/he has no affiliation whatsoever with) and was paid (through his allowance from Manuel Gaite, through Mike Defensor's friendly loan... Defensor denies his participation in efforts to pacify Lozada and is "clearing" his name now, hence the perjury charge) to deny that he has no knowledge of what happened.

Lozada, Neri's friend, complied and lied for them. In his compliance he learned of FG and Abalos' rapacity.

He complied until he no longer can. This greed is no longer "moderate", he realized. And so he told us of his knowledge on the deal, his involvement, his story.

Jun Lozada, arrested for voicing the truth

The truth is Jun Lozada risked his life and his family's well-being. Normalcy was nil after the Senate hearings: Lozada became a convent-camper, jobless, forgotten. Heck, he is even being accused of being a tantrum-throwing pawn by random cynics. It would be easier to succumb, accept and pretend. Yet he did not choose the easy path. And it is remarkable. How many of us can claim such decency?

Rodolfo Lozada Jr. told the truth. He is now detained at the MPD-HQ. Legal?

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